Wooden flooring has a long history of popularity in homes, have you looked at your floor and wondered about how you might bring your inside space to life with just one key feature?

With its versatile and durable nature, wood is one of the most popular choices for flooring. Not only does wooden flooring bring a touch of style to any space, it can be easily cleaned, lasts a long time and can be brought back to life with little effort.

A brief history of the wooden floor:

  • During the late 1600s, the Palace of Versailles in France led the way in showcasing a new type of floor that distinguished themselves from the concrete floors of the ‘commoners’ and the marble slab floors of those more wealthy. The French laid floors that were made from hand cut small pieces of different hardwoods, and created patterns and geometric designs that were simple and effective. The patterns were known as Parquet.


  • Costly repairs and maintenance due to misuse meant that carpet and new coverings grew in fashion, particularly during the 1930s, when money became more sparse due to the wars.


  • In the 1980s and 90s, a renewed interest in wooden flooring emerged and due to their ease of use, durability and simple, clean beauty and design, wooden floors were back in fashion again.


  • Interiors trends have now reached an even balance, with wooden flooring remaining highly popular. Small spaces are quickly brought to life by an elegant wooden floor, whilst large spaces can be given a warm and even tone and used in complement with other features of internal joinery.

We have longstanding relationships with some of the UK’s leading manufacturers of wooden flooring, and can work with you to find the right style and finish to suit your purposes. Read more about floors or get in contact with a member of the team to discuss further.

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