It’s the changing of the season when you step out of the front door to a curtain of rain, and it’s times like this that a front porch serves you well. Not only in giving the front of your house stature and presence, but in providing a little shelter from the inclement weather.

A statement piece for any building, we have been designing and creating impressive entrances to great effect for many years. Whether these are historically inspired, or whether new design and architecture comes into play, the porch offers at the least, a moment to pause before leaving and entering a building, and the most, a vital storage area or a location to greet and welcome visitors.

Oak-framed porches are a particular speciality of ours, and are tailored to suit the building they accompany, and we have many examples of work in our portfolio.

Facts about porches

  • Porch (from Old French porche, from Latin porticus ‘colonnade’, from porta ‘passageway’
  • In Great Britain, porches were used in Catholic churches during the medieval times. They were built to give cover to worshippers as they entered the church
  • Some British churches have highly ornamented porches, both externally and internally, such as the south porch at Northleach, Gloucestershire, in the Cotswolds, built in 1480.
  • The great American front porch has long been considered an integral part of social life – revered as a place belonging to everyone and no one, to pass the time with family and friends.
  • The Grand Hotel on Lake Michigan, proclaims itself to have the largest porch in the world, at well over 200 metres long.

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